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Sealing cushion without bypass – for quickly shutting off wastewater pipes

HAAS® sealing cushions impress with their use of high-quality materials, a robust construction and user-friendly handling – even in areas that are difficult to access. Easy and quick the variable shapes and sizes adapt to exactly the requirements you need: for the temporary sealing or shutting off of canals and pipelines and drainage inlets as well as for tightness tests with water or air in accordance with DIN EN 1610. Whether with a tire valve, with high back pressure or for very short pipe sections: the flexible sealing bag solutions from HAAS ® reliably ensure more efficiency and security – since 2002.

Main supplier of VAPO sealing cushions - pipe sealing cushions -  for large parts of Europe and Germany.

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Sealing cushions without passage – certainly flexible

  • safe: All barrier cushions are tested according to the certification body management systems No. 3053 TÜV Süd. This is how we guarantee the highest level of security right from the start.
  • Robust: Our sealing cushions without bypass are made of high-quality natural rubber with fabric inserts. In this way, we guarantee long-term high resistance to heat, cold, water and countless chemicals.
  • flexible: Various versionsfrom 40 mm to 1600 mmmeet the highest product requirements, even for use in difficult environments up to 10 bar back pressure.
  • Efficient: Our barrier bladders without passage are compatible with all standard connections and are easy to install. This saves you time and avoids long system downtimes.
  • Available: All sealing cushions are always in stock and can be delivered within 1 – 2 working days within Germany.



HAAS® sealing cushions without bypass for temporarily closing all types of pipes are available in variable sizes in the following versions

  • Pipe sealing cushion U
  • Short pipe sealing bags UK
  • Half round pipe sealing cushion UR
  • Cone pipe sealing cushion UE
  • High pressure pipe sealing cushion UU
  • Egg profile pipe sealing cushion UV, RRP
  • Cushion-shaped sealing cushions UP
  • Conical pipe sealing bags ULK
  • Oil-resistant pipe sealing bags OELU
  • Oil-resistant pipe sealing cushions OELUK


Sealing cushions have no passage and are suitable for temporarily closing all types of pipes. Particularly suitable in the wastewater sector for leak testing with water and air in accordance with all standards such as DIN EN 1610 or DWA-A 139.

You also need:

  • Control element with pressure gauge and pressure relief valve for safe inflation of the sealing cushion
  • Connection adapter for inflation with an air pump or tire inflator and air hoses
  • Air hoses to extend the air supply
  • Sealing cushion with bypass for leak testing


HAAS® sealing cushions without bypass are made of high-quality natural rubber with a fabric insert. They are resistant to industrial water, wastewater and temperatures from – 30 °C to + 80 °C. All metal parts are corrosion resistant. Designated sealing cushions are also oil-resistant.

Areas of application

Our sealing cushions without passage support you effectively with repairs, maintenance, in the event of damage and with leak tests (water, air) of newly laid and renovated pipes in accordance with DIN EN 1610. They are used in these areas

  • Water management
  • Canal construction
  • Sewer renovation
  • Construction
  • Industry
  • Fire department


Our service team will support you with all questions about our products. We help you find the suitable products with accessories and support you with suitable in-house product training. Thanks to our own storage, all products can also be delivered at short notice.

Would you like to find out more about our sealing bags, shut-off bladders or shut-off bags without bypass?

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Leak testing technology

Frequently asked questions

Due to their slim and elongated design, cone tube bladders can be installed easily and safely even in narrow openings and where there is a curve. The decisive factor for installation and shut-off is the pipe diameter. We offer tapered pipe sealing cushions with a diameter of 50 mm to 200 mm.

Yes. Basically, all sealing cushions must be installed in a form-fitting manner to temporarily shut off movement in pipes. All HAAS® sealing cushions are designed and suitable for this purpose.

Most of our standard sealing bags are suitable for a counter pressure of up to 2.5 bar. With our high-pressure pipe sealing cushions, counterpressures of up to 6 bar or 10 bar can be achieved.

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