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Pipe closures with hose – for sealing pipes that are difficult to access and are not circular

HAAS® pipe closures with integrated hose impress with their high adaptability even in areas that are difficult to access. Equipped with a highly flexible 1.5 meter long hose, deformed and oval pipes can also be temporarily and securely sealed and shut off with this shut-off bladder - without any hassle Hose coupling work. This way you save valuable time and become even more flexible – especially for shut-off and testing applications under water and in the sanitary sector. Practical plus: The closures can be easily inflated using a tire valve using a hand or foot pump and can be extended further with additional hoses using the standard quick coupling. strong>.

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Practical shut-off solution for perfect shut-off results

  • Highly flexible: Thanks to the integrated hose, the pipe closures can be inserted quickly and precisely, even into deformed pipes.
  • Can be used variably: Thanks to simple extension options, even large distances can be covered quickly and easily.
  • Robust: High-quality natural rubber enables multiple use in all wastewater areas.


HAAS® pipe closures with integrated hose are available in 5 versions for pipe diameters from 45-55 mm to 195-315 mm, each with a 1.5 m long hose.

Thanks to the flexible design with integrated hose, these pipe closures are ideal for sealing pipe openings that are difficult to access. The closures can also be easily inflated with a hand or foot pump.

RV 50

RV 50

RV 100

RV 100

RV 150

RV 150

You also need:

Extension hose with strain relief rope and carabiner hook


HAAS® pipe closures with integrated hose are made of high-quality natural rubber. They are water-resistant and temperature-resistant up to 80 °C.
All metal connection components are corrosion-resistant.

Areas of application

Our pipe sealing cushions with hose reliably support you in the cleaning, maintenance and leak testing of swimming pool systems, ventilation systems, vacuum cleaner systems, sanitary systems and when blocking drains. High-quality materials and high flexibility ensure reliable and tight barriers in the areas

  • Swimming pool
  • Sanitary
  • Ventilation
  • At testing organizations such as TÜV and DEKRA

Pipe closures with hose

TypeRV 30RV 50RVA 50RV  60RV 75
Item No.18734011874401187350118736011874501
Pipe diameter in mm:30-4545-5545-5758-8571-91
Operating pressure in bar:1,211,21,21
Cylinder length in mm:15665168110170
Weight in kg:


TypeRV 100RV 110RV 150RV 200-300
Item No.1874201187330118743011874101
Pipe diameter in mm:82-11096-125126-155195-315
Operating pressure in bar:1,21,20.70.5
Cylinder length in mm:170170220300
Weight in kg:0.350.350.81.05

Product data sheet: Pipe stoppers with hose

You can download the product data sheet here:

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Fits the following products:

Leak testing technology

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Using extension hoses for sealing cushions, the pipe closures can be extended multiple times and easily using standard quick couplings.

To shut off pipes, for example in swimming pools, the bladder is inserted into the submerged pipe and filled with air above the water via the hose. A standard hand or foot air pump is sufficient for this.

Yes. The flexible shut-off bladder enables safe, temporary shut-off without a backlog forming.

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