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Shut-off and testing technology

Sealing cushions, shut-off bladders, test sealing cushions and house connection testing systems

The right solution for every topic

Particularly suitable for reliably shutting off wastewater pipes and canals and carrying out leak tests - our shut-off bladders and sealing bags as well as test sealing bags with bypass in sizes from 40 mm to 2200 mm. These are used by water management organizations, wastewater associations, industry, construction, rescue and fire services. The high-quality rubber material with fabric insert is temperature-resistant from -30°C - 80°C and is partially chemical-resistant. Due to their high elasticity, our pipe sealing cushions test sealing cushions adapt optimally to the pipe diameters specified in the tables. This means that several diameters can be covered with one shut-off element.

Our standard shut-off bladders can be inflated to a pressure of 2.5 bar (see table) and are therefore particularly safe in the pipe.

With our flow-through raw sealing bags (passage sizes from 50 mm to 300 mm), diversions can be set up very quickly in sections during construction work.

Haas wastewater technology is the main supplier of VAPO for Germany and large parts of Europe.

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