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Sealing cushions with bypass – highly flexible deflection bladders for shutting off and testing

HAAS® sealing cushions with bypass combine the quality and flexibility you need to be able to redirect the wastewater drain during cleaning and renovation work. The wastewater can be diverted in a targeted manner via the film hose and pumped out by a dirty water pump. In addition, the barrier cushions with the foil tube inserted can be easily positioned over an inspection opening. In this way, the operation of the sewage pipes in the household and when using the toilet can continue to be maintained. A quick-release coupling accelerates a secure connection to the compressed air supply. Whether for blocking or redirecting:
The flexible bypass sealing bag solutions from HAAS ® simplify installation and use – and contribute to greater efficiency and safety.

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Sealing cushions with passage – proven and simply safe

  • Safe: All barrier cushions are tested according to the certification body management systems No. 3053 TÜV Süd. This is how we guarantee the highest level of security right from the start.
  • Robust: Our sealing cushions with bypass are made of high-quality natural rubber with a robust internal metal body or tube. In this way, we guarantee long-term high resistance to heat, cold, water and countless chemicals.
  • Flexible: Various versionsfrom 100 mm to 150 mm ormeet the highest product requirements, even for use in difficult environments.
  • Efficient: Our bypass sealing cushions can be installed and removed quickly and easily.
  • Available: All sealing cushions with passages are always in stock and can be delivered within 1 – 2 working days within Germany.

These bypass sealing bags are used to shut off downpipes to divert feces. This ensures that no interruptions to the wastewater system in buildings can occur during work (e.g. cleaning or renovation).


PU 10-L-80

PU 10-L-80

PU 12.5-L-110

PU 12.5-L-110

PU 15-L-140

PU 15-L-140


HAAS® sealing cushions with bypass are available for downpipes DN 100, DN 125 and DN 150.

You also need:

Sealing cushion without bypass


HAAS® sealing cushions with bypass are made from high-quality natural rubber. In the test pipe sealing cushion PU version there is a corrosion-resistant metal body under the natural rubber jacket; in the test pipe sealing cushion PU-F version there is a flexible hose. The bypass sealing bags are resistant to industrial water, wastewater and temperatures from – 30 °C to + 80 °C.

Areas of application

Our sealing cushions with a passage support you effectively in shutting off downpipes in order to redirect faeces during repairs and renovations, as well as in leak tests (water, air) of newly laid and renovated pipes in accordance with DIN EN 1610. They are used in these areas

  • Sanitary
  • Canal construction
  • Manhole renovation
  • Construction
  • Industry

TypePU 10-L-80PU 12.5-L-110PU 15-L-140
Item no.141650114166011416701
Name:Bypass shut-off cushion DN 100Bypass shut-off cushion DN 125Bypass shut-off cushion DN 150
Length in mm:85110140
Diameter in mm:85110165
Bypass in mm:6090115

Product data sheet: Bypass sealing pad

You can download the product data sheet here:

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Leak testing technology

Frequently asked questions

The diameter of the bypass is 60 – 125 mm, depending on the size of the bypass sealing cushion

Depending on the size of the bladders, they can be connected to all sizes of Storz couplings from D to A, i.e. with a diameter of 25 mm to 110 mm.

Bypass sealing cushions are primarily placed in inspection openings. This means that domestic drainage operations are maintained during maintenance work on the sewage underground pipe.

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